Usenet Access

Eweka Internet Services offers you the fastest and most reliable access to Usenet. On our Usenet platform you get the highest possible quality of newsgroups and we currently connect you to over 109.000 newsgroups.

Eweka Products

Standard Account
50 Mbit - €7,50

High Speed Account
100 Mbit - €9,60

* When paying for 90 days or more Start 7-Day Free Trial ➤ Start 7-Day Free Trial ➤

Up to 3078 days retention

Access to all available newsgroups

High quality world-wide newsfeed exchange

Super fast privately owned 600 gigabit/s backbone

Optimal completion of over 99.5%

No usage limits, no contracts

Respect for your privacy

8 connections per account

Access to online control panel

Support via email

Account sharing allowed

No matter which account type you choose, you will always have the option to switch between standard and high speed. You can change this yourself in My Eweka.

Choose High Speed

Our High Speed Access plan brings you all that Usenet has to offer in half the time. By boosting your access speed from 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps you'll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying all the best of Eweka's Usenet access.

Please keep in mind that the maximum speed you will enjoy is limited by the maximum speed your own internet connection supports. To check your internet connection speed, visit

Free High Speed

If you wish to get the high speed access without paying any more than you're used to you can join our High Speed Access Loyalty plan.