Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A fast-growing number of organizations are leveraging the Internet to reach their customers with digital media content. If you are streaming video or making large files available for download to a global audiences, we can support your digital media strategy. Our CDN was built to meet the delivery needs of even the largest media, entertainment, gaming and advertising companies.

The Fastest CDN on the Planet

Third-party testing tools consistently show that Eweka has the fastest network. What does that mean exactly? Our HTTP response times are the lowest. Our throughput is the highest. That means your video content will start instantly and maintain a great connection. If you are using the CDN to deliver downloaded content, a fast network means the download starts sooner and completes faster.

CDN Network Map

Advanced CDN Products

HTTP Caching
Eweka CDN is fine-tuned to offer the fastest HTTP cache delivery in the industry.

Whether you are delivering large objects like movies, software and games, or small objects like images, SWFs and scripts, your customers will have a dramatically better experience when using Eweka.

High Performance

  • Outperforms all other leading CDNs
  • Low latency and high output

Massive Scale

  • Supports rapid traffic spikes
  • Delivers lightning-fast delivery speeds, even on record-breaking traffic days

StrikeTracker® Console
The leading CDN console on the market

StrikeTracker is the Eweka CDN management portal. It offers a single, integrated front-end control console for managing all CDN services.

Use real-time monitoring to drive performance-based, multi-CDN load balancing

SelectPath™ combines advanced network monitoring and load balancing, allowing publishers to optimize content delivery across multiple CDNs and platforms. By constantly monitoring multiple delivery platforms and programmatically selecting the optimal delivery paths, you create a single, unified platform with improved performance and increased fault tolerance.