Payment Methods

How does your payment system work?

Eweka utilizes a pre-paid system. This means that you purchase days of access to your account in advance. Purchasing days of access can be done using a number of different payment methods shown below. Most of our payment methods are processed immediately. This means you can start using your account only minutes after your payment.

Our pre-paid system also means that you are in full control over your account. There are no contracts involved, no strings attached. You decide how much you pay and when you pay us. 3 days and 1 day before your account expires you will receive a reminder e-mail. This way you can always top off your account in time.

Whenever you do a payment while still having days of access on your account, the payment will be added to it. Payments will never overlap. For example: You have 5 days of access left on your account when you make another payment for 30 days. After the payment has been processed you will have 35 days of access on your account.

To do a payment, follow the links in our e-mails or visit the payment page in My Eweka.

Overview payment methods

iDEAL is a direct payment method. iDEAL is available with all Dutch banks.

PayPal is a direct payment method. You need to have a PayPal account to use this method. It's also possible to setup a recurring payment.

Mistercash is a direct payment method. Available with all major Belgium banks.

SMS is a direct payment method.Using SMS you can purchase 1 day of access for € 1.10. Only available from the Netherlands on number 3669.

Bank transfers can take up to 5 working days. Available from the Netherlands as well as foreign countries.

Giropay is a direct payment method.Available from all major German banks.