Who is Eweka

Eweka Internet Services was founded in 2001 in Alkmaar, The Netherlands. Eweka Internet Services is a quality driven internet provider, specialized in offering a high-grade Usenet service for consumer users from our own datacenter in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As an Eweka customer you will never be forced to have to deal with an outside party to get your Usenet access. When you work with Eweka you're working with our in-house team and not an external third party.

Eweka now owns a self-built and managed network with POP locations in Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt and more, which guarantees solid and stable connections. In addition to our own network, we also use services from our professional partners around the world. We manage all our own routings and IP addresses. We are a Local Internet Registry (LIR) at Riseaux IP Europeans (RIPE) and have our own autonomous system number (AS-number).

Our network

The success of our services depends on the reliability and quality of service that we provide to our users. Therefore, at Eweka Internet Services, the quality of our network is the highest priority.

Unlike others in the market, we manage our own trans-Atlantic backbone including fiber connections. We strictly use the highest quality equipment from Foundry Networks.

Because we manage our own backbone, we are less dependent from so-called transit providers or upstream providers, and are therefore able to provide an excellent internet connection. You always have the shortest routes, very low ping times, the highest possible speed and you are not dependent of third parties. Should a connection fail, an alternative route will automatically be chosen because all connections are redundant. This allows us to bring you the most stable download connections in the industry.