FAQ about the New Article Numbering

We've improved our service since you last logged in. We renumbered our article system - repairing old and broken headers and reinstating some that were missing. This improvement enables you to see more header information on all articles. See below for answers to frequently asked questions.

How does this affect me?
You might not notice anything except the ability to see more header information on articles. However depending on which newsreader you use - you might need to update it.

Why can't I download anything?
You might have a corrupted profile or you might need to delete and re-subscribe to your newsgroup. Use the instructions specified by newsreader below to troubleshoot problems associated with the new headers.

Groups that you've subscribed to need to be updated. Right-click the group name on the left side in GrabIt, and select 'Full update'.

No problems have been detected however if you experience an issue, right click and select 'Wipe Group Cache', then re-download new headers.

Newsbin Pro
Use the following method to preserve any headers you've previously downloaded:

  1. Select all subscribed groups from the Groups list using ctrl-a
  2. Right-click and select 'Post Storage' then 'Use Download Age'
  3. Under Options/Setup, set Download Age to 10
  4. Update headers normally

Old headers will fail to load if they do not have downloaded bodies, to resolve, use the following method:

  1. Click Group > Refresh Headers Special
  2. Select the entire range
  3. Select 'Retrieve and Include read articles'
  4. Click Okay

News Rover
Old headers will fail to load if they do not have downloaded bodies, to resolve, right-click on Newsgroup and choose 're-download list of available messages'.

Right-click on Newsgroup then click 'reset newsgroup'.

Thunderbird/Outlook Express/Windows Mail
Remove/unsubscribe from the newsgroup then re-add.

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